How does teaching yoga empower my students in school?

Yoga philosophy = Teaching philosophy

As a yoga teacher, I offer classes that challenge students to engage with the space, the body, the mind, and the spirit.

For me, teaching yoga is a great way to give a part of myself to the community. It brings out the side of me that is ready to work with others in order to build a more peaceful and flourishing world.

I apply this yoga philosophy in teaching and mentorship.

When I teach urban design at the graduate school, I consider yoga and the design profession revolve around three principles:

1. The need to respect our interconnection with nature and welcome it into our day-to-day life; 

2. The need to celebrate who we are and what we love in every space so that we create supportive environments; 

3. The need to give a part of myself to the community, bringing out the side of us that is ready to work with others to build a more peaceful, flourishing world. 

I want students to pay attention to their surroundings, and connect their observations in everyday life to the curriculum materials. Living mindfully develops memory muscle that will become organic knowledge. I also include local knowledge into my courses to promote relevance, interest and cultural sensitivity.

I design my courses with consideration of students’ learning ability. I typically provide key concepts through texts and graphics. When I present my experiences in managing situations such as architectural regeneration and vulnerable landscapes, I find it a wonderful opportunity to explain what impacts designers can make. In turn, students engage with the course material.

I present case studies, stories, or scenarios to ensure students grasp the basic understanding of the concept.

I encourage hand drawing and white board notes to allow student to meaningfully interact with the material and bring their learning experience into a deeper level. My background in architectural design makes me confident in  using graphics to solve problems. In a three-hour long afternoon course, believe me, visualization catches students’ attention, and they benefit from these communication skills in client-oriented career environments.

I teach because I feel education cultivates resilience.

In a 60-minute yoga class, I give students 100% of my attention in my presentation. In graduate school, my students deserve the same level of attention.

Our True Nature

A sacred treasure awaits your discovery if you cease your external search for happiness and commence upon your internal journey. Everything that you truly desire in your life is already available at the core of your being.

Within you exists infinite happiness, eternal peace, everlasting tranquility, and ecstatic bliss.

You entered this world as a perfect spiritual specimen. Your true nature or essence, your heart, is nothing less than supreme perfection. Everything you are looking for can be found within.

It is possible that you do not believe in any of this; there is a very logical reason for this skeptical apprehension. From the moment of your birth, your ego has been on a mission to overshadow your inherent perfection; your ego desires for you to forget the truth of your essential nature and follow its destructive and delusional path filled with desire and attachment. Your ego simply wishes you to remain a victim of the endless cycle of suffering we know as “normal” living.

Of course, this philosophy of existence only appears normal because the majority of the world operates under the bureaucracy of the ego.

Fortunately, you have a choice: you can live according to this deluded sense of self, or discover the perfection that encompasses your being.

From this moment forward, you can wake each morning with the clear intention of living your sacred life in alignment with the fundamental nature of your being.

You can make the firm decision to restrict your journey to one of inner exploration rather than remain on your never-ending external quest.

This inner path is where you will unearth the princess treasures of freedom, liberation, and pure joy.


We always seem to be striving to reach self-actualization, enlightenment, and perfection. What we fail to actually realize is the fact that perfection exists within us naturally.

We are born into the world perfect, free, and liberated. It is our developing ego that takes us away from this blissful state, dragging us into the tyranny of its delusions.

Our task is to re-discover our perfection and allow the light of our beings to once again radiate throughout the Universe like the rays of the brilliant sun.

Real-Life Application

Uncover and expose the shadows your ego casts that conceal the vivacity and luminosity of your essential being. Make notes of the deceptive patterns that your ego tries to use to its advantage and begin to sever your attachments to these illusions that prevent you from reaching freedom.

Ask yourself what it is that overshadows the fundamental nature of your being.

Break Your Inertness

Change is your greatest ally in your personal journey toward spiritual transformation. There exists a popular sting that states, “If nothing changes, nothing changes.

Thus, if you wish to change your life, society, or even the world, you must set out on a voyage of inner exploration and change. This inner voyage will ignite a process of outer change benefiting you as well as all of humanity. The most beautiful gift in life is your ability to change your course, no matter what course you have taken up until now. You must always remember that the past is no longer real, therefore, the past does not have the power to hold you back from living the life you truly aspire to live.

When embarking on your personal-change expedition, it is vital to keep a few indispensable factors in mind. Here is some useful tips that I found useful to guide me through the personal and Universal transformation. I would like to share with you.

  • Discover the unique purpose that lies within you, and pursue this quest with passion and undying determination.
  • Instead of sitting back and thinking about the profound changes you desire to make in your life, get up and take action.
  • Action is divided into small mindful steps that lead to your desired goal. Always remember to be present during each moment of the process, rather than obsessing over the desired goal.
  • Change for the good of humanity, without projecting selfish outcomes.
  • Change will materialize in your life as long as you consistently apply hard work, persistence, determination, and the virtuous intention of helping other human beings.
  • Always strive for excellence, going above and beyond what is expected of you.


Often when we look at the entirety of any task that confronts us along our passage through life, our ego immediately fills our mind with overcomplicated messages and often defines the task as an impossibility. The ego’s goal is to overwhelm you with these interpretation and, ultimately, lead you to giving up on your true purpose.The ego desires endless struggle and suffering.

As a spiritual being searching for truth and awareness, you must transcend the influence of the ego and simplify your world. Simplicity is where success, peace, and enlightenment are discovered. This is the essence of your being.

Real-Life Application

Choose a task in your life that you often dismiss from your consciousness because of its perceived complexity. Sit down with paper and pen, and take notes as to how this task can be broken down into smaller, more manageable steps that you can take on without much difficulty. Like, write your dissertation 15 minutes a day. This process can be applied to any project that you wish to embark upon. It’s that simple.

Stop intellectualizing and pushing yourself further aways from completion, and begin taking the necessary action to progress.

All great feats are done in this manner.

I almost feel as if I should apologize that I don’t have any great philosophical or intellectual suggestions to share with you, but try it this way, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Now, move forward and begin manifesting the lasting changes you desire in your life.

Why is Teaching so Hard?

In a culture that sometimes equates work with suffering, it is revolutionary to suggest that the best inward sign of vocation is deep gladness—revolutionary but true. If a work is mine to do, it will make me glad over the long haul, despite the difficult days. Even the difficult days will ultimately gladden me, because they pose the kinds of problems that can help me grow in a work if it is truly mine. Continue reading “Why is Teaching so Hard?”

What do I Work for?

Choose your work carefully. 

No matter how much you work is nothing more than money, your work makes you is where you put your time. 

We are what we do, and the more we do it, the more we become it.

By giving a job your time, you are giving it your consciousness. Eventually it will fill your life with the reality that it presents.  Continue reading “What do I Work for?”

7 Best Poses In Yoga For Writers

Whether you write at work or you’re writing a novel at home, as a writer you probably spend a good deal of time sitting in front of a computer.

We all know that sitting in front of a computer all day is far from healthy.

Yoga is one of the best exercises to in your breaks. It quickly gets us moving and undoes the damage of a sedentary lifestyle. Here are some writers’ favourite yoga poses.

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Make Your Mission Statement

What is a mission statement? It is a concise saying to put your self-reflection and analysis. It could help you solidify your business plan.

You are serious about teaching yoga. It can be a long journey to become a successful yoga instructor. That’s why Having a mission statement is so important to ground out teaching goals. We know what we are about, and if asked, we can explain our mission clearly to others. Continue reading “Make Your Mission Statement”




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